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Presence in domestic market and abroad.

Seventeen years now CHOCOTIME has established its presence in the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (I.S.M.) in Köln, Germany. There, the company was given the opportunity to compare itself against all other colossal companies in the field, such as Nestle, Craft, Katjes, Lindt and others, that have always had something new and ground-breaking to show.

Visitors renew their appointment every year for round about the 27th of January. One could say that each person has its own culture, buying trends, and even flavor preferences (relishes), perceptions of sweets by and large, but of chocolate in particular, biscuits and jellies that one can come across in the kiosks of the exhibitors from all latitudes.

Never should we forget that chocolate is a science. Each exhibitor is that science's defender and champion, and the purpose of his/her presence in the exhibition is to extend his/her clientele and his/her exports around the globe, depending on the company's dynamics and mechanical potentiality.

CHOCOTIME couldn't afford to abstain from this science!

30 years in the Greek market and something less than 10 years exporting in the European market (mostly), gave our company the know-how to target the taste preferences of each country. A dynamic presence in the Fair with a kiosk that resembles no other, on a great spot that attracts a large number of visitors and wins over their interest. Carrying a very large Disney gama of chocolates, wafers, cookies, toffees and jellies, that made all pass-by visitors find something they could market back home.

Using the marketing motto"Think globally, act locally" as our guide, by creating a final product that is appealing to the consumer through its wrapping and product quality, CHOCOTIME gazes optimistically into the future, full of trust in what it is doing, full of creativity that stems from the imagination of children, and utilizing the best of materials in the market; because "our children deserve the best".

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