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Terms and Conditions for associates-importers


Products portfolio:Finest quality Milk chocolate in various weights (20g,40g,50g,80g,100g), solid small finger bars,Milk chocolate bonbons with several praline fillings: hazelnut paste, almond paste, vanilla cream cappuccino cream, caramel cream etc. in variety of wrapping: Single twist, double twist, bunch wrapping, Milk / Bitter chocolates with no added sugar (Stevia line). All our filled variety can be produced also with compound chocolate cover. Cereal bars: we own a complete line of cereal bars in our premises capable to create also marzipan bars, protein bars etc. Remark: All our pipelines are stainless still and separate for each chocolate composition. Milk chocolate, bitter chocolate, pralines, stevia chocolate, compound chocolate. Logistics: Logistic information may change without prior notification. Prices quoted are always Ex-works, 19300, Aspropyrgos,Greece (unless otherwise already quoted and confirmed in written). All our products are sold under the term: "as it is".In case you recognize a mistake, is good to inform factory for it. In case you have other needs, please contact our export department team with your specific needs in the following e-mail: chocotime@chocotime.gr and we will provide you special quotation according to the indicated needs. Prices within our pricelists shared don't include don't include any other cost. E.g. Sticker and labor cost for attaching stickers is not included in the above or any other pricelist unless its' differently recently agreed in written in official recognized way, our company doesn't intervene in marketing, listing fees or other expenses. Our prices are NET-NET without any kind of fee included (marketing, insurance etc). For countries out of E.U. minimum order quantity is a 40 feet reefer container (23 pallets). We use normal wooden pallets (no fumigated) in dimensions of 80mm*120mm and 100mm*120mm in order to secure that goods are not going to be moved during travel. In case customer would like to receive fumigated pallets(additional cost), its' mandatory to notify factory together with placement of the order. Moreover, together with order, its' also mandatory to inform factory what is the documentation necessary he will need. In case of supplying wrong data and official documentation is issued, if container cleared from customs and/or has already departed, NO CHANGE is possible to be done. In case of no custom pass, we will give our best efforts to change/correct data but we can't guarantee that we will succeed at any level. In case of penalty charges, customer is obliged to pay at full value. For countries within European Union, the M.O.Q (minimum Order Quantity) is 1 pallet per code item. Logistics and pictures can be found to our site. For countries out of European Union, its' not possible to sell and export license goods. For your business safety, we advise you to do the same. In case that customer is also a licensee in a territory out of European Union, we deduct license fee and he pays the deposit to local office respectively. Definition: Chocotime S.A. here in after defined as "the factory" and "customer" or "client" defined as "customer" Licensed product items. Characters presented in all our means (site, social media, printed catalogues or pdf), are copyrighted properties of their licensors respectively,Private label Projects: We have the knowledge and the local partnerships in order to organize private label projects (p.l.p's) quickly and with best cost of premier quality packing materials. Kosher: Our whole variety of products is Kosher certified (certification is available on our site). Kosher validity until time indicated on certification. Sticker with ingredients and relevant logo can be attached to product. Customer shall indicate his needs and factory is going to communicate with supplier and inform customer with possible alternatives. Ingredients in customer language: By default, customers have the possibility to see the languages that are present on the packaging in the bottom of each page. If customer needs an ingredient list in a language that is not present on the packaging, then there are the following alternatives: a) Bags: During bagging process, there is possibility to write the ingredient text in the language of the customer without additional cost (technical limitations apply, customer should supply the text for which is responsible to be legally correct and according to relevant food laws of his country). In case the text is bigger of thermal printer capabilities, a sticker should be attached. In this case there is an extra cost of sticker creation and labor attachment. Please contact our export department for more details, b) Boxes: If customer selects a box that his language is not present it, then sticker should be created and attached with extra cost. Please contact our export department for more details. Our packaging ingredient list described comply with the required food European laws (1169/2011) but we kindly ask our customers to check carefully their native language product description list that is in the packaging and if they find some serious no compliant information, to evaluate its' importance and communicate with factory. In case of sticker attachment, customer should give the translated ingredient list to factory and factory doesn't have any responsibility for mistakes into text that may exist. Minimum order quantity (M.O.Q): As minimum order quantity is defined one (1) pallet per code item for customers within European Union. Our production works with "First In, First Out" (F.I.F.O) system. First order placed and confirmed (a confirmed order is the proforma issued by factory, received back having signature and stamp from accounting department, import manager -contact person- together with bank swift deposit done). In case the customer wants to place a smaller order that doesn't meet the minimum order quantity, this is possible. In this case customer should be sure that has the correct pricelist and calculated correctly the item cost (there are different pricelist for above and below minimum order quantity for every single item). Items below factory's m. o. quantities shall be served from factory warehouse ready products if product is available. In case of unavailable product or desired quantities, then customer will be informed with the next possible available date of goods based on production schedule plan. Pricelists: All our prices described on relevant pricelists issued in certain times of the year and quotations are under the following term: Ex-works, 19300, Aspropyrgos, Attica, Greece, except differently defined and agreed in written. Terms of payment acceptable only fifty percent (50%) with order confirmation and fifty percent (50%) with notification that goods are ready for dispatch (payment way defers only for seasonal products e.g. advent calendars or if differently agreed in written communication). After placement of order, a proforma invoice shall be issued from factory. Customer accounting director (or relevant manager that recognizes the purchase) should sign, write his/her name and stamp the document next to manager –contact person - signature and stamp. This signed proforma together with 50% of its value bank swift should be sent by e-mail or fax to the factory. Order is valid and is going to be in production schedule only when signed proforma and bank swift (receipt of payment) arrive to us. Then factory will inform with the best and closest dispatched date possible. Once order is ready or close to be ready, factory will inform customer and customer should pay the rest of the proforma value. If changes for any reason have been made on ordered quantities cause of factory, those should have been communicated in prior and relevant corrections shall be made in order the final quantity value paid to match which items loaded. No order dispatch is possible (no matter how urgent it is!) if no full invoice amount has been received to factory bank account. For delays caused by bank holidays etc., factory is not responsible. In case of mistakes in barcode of the product, our company is not responsible and doesn't accept to cover penalties coming from retailers. We check regularly all the time the information we provide though digital or printed material. Although mistakes may happen cause of so much data existing everywhere like our website, in computerized marketing material shared (pdf) or printed material shared. Our factory doesn't accept at anyway customer to deduct from final payment such kind of payments rised. Factory can't be responsible if loading delays or failures or failure to deliver on time (date) requested by customer cause of not available trucks, road or port strikes, closed roads or boarders or ports, weather conditions that blocked transportation means (trucks, boats, trains, airplanes e. t. c.). We offer as an extra –free of charge- service to arrange transportation until the warehouse of customer with an extra charge for customer (of transportation cost) in proforma invoice (and invoice) below the goods. This amount shall be also paid on time with second (or final) deposit prior of dispatch (release of goods). Either transportation organized by factory or customer, factory does not accept to pay any penalties rise between customer and retailer for relevant or irrelevant delays. In the unlikely event of postpone, change, alternation of quantities of order placed, no order is possible to be cancelled or significantly changed if not agreed in written by both sides. In case factory has done normal or special (additional) expenses to fulfill the order of customer, then factory keeps the right to charge partially amount of first deposit to cover those expenses or even to ask for more (if needed) and the rest to be returned to bank account of customer. For advent calendars the deposit is not refundable up to the point that amount covers the expenses of factory to buy paperboards. If cancelation arrives to factory after printings have been done, factory will deduct to remaining refundable amount the cost of printing and will refund the rest. In case the cost of paperboard and printing exceed the customer deposit for the relevant project, factory will ask for additional amount up to the level that those expenses will be covered.Changes are not possible to be done if code item has been already produced (under certain circumstances). Factory counts on customer order with logo title information of order etc. as original, final and confirmed order. In the event of no signed factory proforma exists, the customer order with PO# and quantities is taken as original and confirmed except if factory has any kind of objection for information that are on the customer order but not confirmed by factory like (price,special factory actions, delivery week etc.). In any case usually the proforma invoice of factory is the confirmation of factory and is good to be signed and stamped by the customer as a common acceptable details in a document. Factory is free to modify if necessary the delivery week in case of force majeure, if supplier has delayed to deliver material and therefore there was a delay cause of a no responsibility of the factory. Changes (quantity decreases) on other item codes shall first communicate with factory and factory should confirm if those requested changesis possible to be done. Changes from customer side without written confirmation from factory are not acceptable at any level and for any reason. In case of normal portfolio (goods produced) and order cancellation arrives after the time of production, customer accepts to pay the order value by one hundred percent (100%). In an unlikely event (case) that customer denies to pay the produced order value or in any case of dispute, the courts of Athens, Greece are responsible to decide about this dispute and customer accepts to cover all court expenses of factory. In case customer decides to postpone the order pick up but order has been fully produced correctly within schedule communicated, customer understands and agrees to pay the factory within valid time period of up to 5 working days from date of notification that goods are ready for dispatch (loading-release). In case of failure, factory keeps all legal rights. In case of quantity increases, factory is not obliged to deliver with the rest of the order the desired additional quantity if this is not possible to be done in production schedule plan. Official communication: Chocotime official communication way is only the fax and e-mails with registered domain name of "@Chocotime.gr". All other communication through instant messaging or relevant communication, can be valid only if there are followed by confirmed company e-mail. Feedback: Based on our ISO system, from time to time, we may send e-mail with questionnaire in order to complete it. Its' good to give us your kind feedback because we like to improve ourselves and this can be done only if we listen to you. Spam e-mails. Our company is never going to share or sell any address of any partner (supplier or client). In case you or your network administrator sees something strange, please kindly notify us immediately in order to check it out. Currently our system uses NOD 32 official antivirus which checks live the incoming and outgoing e-mails for virus and other threats. System scans are made regularly. We recommend having also in your system not free antivirus soft wares. Cooperation with Chocotime means that customer accepts our terms and conditions.Logistics have been calculated based on the fact that transportation is done with reefer truck. In case of container dispatch, there are some code items that we may load one or two layers less (depending the final quantity of goods comparing to loading container). When time comes, export department will inform you accordingly and precisely.As packaging materials like boxes, carton boxes and plastic (opp + opp) weights differ from delivery to delivery, gross weight calculated here in the present catalogue may differ from actual delivered weight. Factory has tried its' best to measure and calculate as accurate values as possible in the present logistics catalogue and in any document like packing list etc. All packing materials that are in direct contact with food are food safe.For more details and any question on above or other subject, please feel free to contact our export department in the following e-mail: chocotime@chocotime.gr.Postal address: Chocotime s. a., Thesi Vrago, 19300, Aspropyrgos, Attica, Greece (In attention of export department).

Premises location: maps.google.com: 38°02'54.5"N 23°35'25.5"E.

Warehouse open time M-F: 07:30 till 14:30a.m.Our physical address (head office, production plants, warehouse): Chocotime s. a., Thesi Vrago, 19300, Aspropyrgos, Attica, Greece. Tel. 0030 210 5574 474 (07:00-15:00 GMT+02:00), Fax: +30 210 5576 404

SKYPE: Chocotime_constantinosB (mainly used for video conferences with appointment).

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